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Sally- I am absolutely on board with memorizing those verses. Thanks for the challenge. :)


Terrific post! I am also doing a Beth Moore study -Breaking Free- which also addresses BELIEVING God (not just 'in' God). It has been eyeopening!


memorizing and repeating mantras is not the same as knowing anything.

if you keep saying:

"santa claus is who he says he is. easter bunny can do what he says he can do. i am who tooth fairy says i am."

... will that make any of it true?

what will help you more in reality:

  • spending time trying to understand causes and effects which occur in reality, as shown by actual evidence which you can experience for yourself?
  • or trusting ancient myths with have either no testable claims, or which actually contradict the evidence of the natural world which we all share?

if the latter, how do you even know if you have the correct mythology?

why are you so sure about christian mythology instead of egyptian, hindu, japanese, chinese, aztec, zulu, greek / roman, mohican, norse, scientology, muslim, jewish, mormon, catholic, pentecostal, rastafarian, santeria, etc, etc, etc, etc?

(remember, "the bible/jesus said it" is not an answer to this question. all the religions have their own holy books, messiahs, and/or prophets which contradict yours.)

Sally Turlington

My dear friend, sg (smellygrrl), it is EXACTLY the causes and effects that have occured in my reality as shown by actual evidence that I HAVE experienced myself -- this is EXACTLY what I'm speaking about. In the final analysis, all we have to go on is our own experience. I am SO SURE about Jesus precisely because I have experienced his influence in my life. He is alive and well and so am I - with Him. Try with an open mind to ask Him into your heart to answer these questions for you. Only then will you understand and know for sure. (forgive my tardy reply.) God's blessings to you.

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