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Thanks for doing another post on this most inspiring and life changing book. I'd just packed mine to take on holiday next week to finish reading. Isn't it just God's grace that you posted this when you did! I've got a boost of faith prior to doing some more study of this book that your blog motivated me to purchase! Bless you heaps!


Thank-you so much for this! What a nice treat to get me started on my day!!! God bless, Roben-Marie :)

audrey h.

Once again.....another inspirational post with thought-provoking words and passages. I know I sound like a broken record but thanks for sharing this with everyone Sally :o)


i would just like to say, how much i admire your beautiful pieces of art that you have created, and i wish i had such an amazing talent in art the way you do, its somthing i really admire and envy.
im doing a gcse art folder on grunge culture, i came across yr work, and i had to use this for examples
i really wish i could find out a few things about what inspired you to make this
from gabby

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