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May 24, 2011



Wow! Both of these images are powerful. If those buildings could talk....

For me the first speaks the loudest. I would love to know more about that home. I wonder why it has been left in such disrepair. It looks like it has been abandoned for quite sometime.

Your texture work certainly enhances the feel of both of your images. Great work.


jenni connolly

I love your images of the old house and 'no trespassing' is fab with it's slightly sppoky appearance, I think in part due to the blur around the outside which works really well. Love the texture and frame in the first house.


The first one looks like a watercolor painting, really neat!


I'm in love with the old house! She speaks directly to my soul. Just lovely what you did to the old girl. I sure could move right in and give her new life too!

iphone case

Hey. Great site you've got here. I love the format and the blogging platform you use. I'm not sure what it is? Wordpress? Thanks!

Julie Legg Photo

I really like the "No Trespassing" photo. Love the green tint and the soft focus on the edges. Was that taken with a Lens Baby? Looks like it. Interesting point of view.

deb christensen

fantastic photos. i'm with you, love that house!!


Sally -- I LOVE the first one. The second one is beautiful in an eerie way. Did you make the texture you used to frame the first one in Kim's texture class? I really like the look of it!

Sally Turlington

Kate, do you mean the ragged edges? That is just a black mask. Do you know how to attach a mask to a photo to make i
The photo conform to the shape of the mask? It's super easy. If you don't know and want to I'll be glad to share my mask and the how to. Then, I could also share how I made the mask. Just let me know.


Absolutely beautiful. I love the first one how you made it look with the textures. Great photography.

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