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September 21, 2008



Thank God you and your family are all okay. We know how small we are when we are hunkering down, trying to protect ourselves against such a tornado.

Sharon @ norah'S

I'm so happy that you and family are OK. What a close call!

O love thrills and I can't wait to hear about yours.

Deryn Mentock

This all looks so familiar! I'm so glad you're all safe and sound. I'm sorry about your friend...

diane cook

Sally, Like Deryn said, this all looks very, very familiar. We live in Katy proper, and for almost 7 hours we had strong wind and gusts of up to 90 mph. It was NOT fun. We had a limb fall in our front yard, just missing our house (see post). And what a mess afterwards! We lost electricity for 16 hours, but always had water and hot water and a gas stove. We had it easy compared to most. And, the poor people who still don't have electricity is just so sad. I work DT and had to go back on Monday. It was tuff to see the mess, but we are slowly coming back to life.
I am so glad you were spared of much distruction, and so glad you had precious time with your family. That means more than anything else in THIS world.
p.s. thanks for sharing pics of how it looked in your part of the world....


I was a victim of Ike, too! Now all I can seem to be drawing is trees in my sketchbook!
I posted pictures on my blog:

I just discovered your blog and will be back to visit often.

(Houston, Texas)

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