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September 09, 2008


diane cook

No, I don't believe it will end until we can't even crawl back into our workspace! Great mail art from Sharon, and your collage is wonderful.
Then I looked at how to make turp paper~way too many projects (on my mind), and not enough time....what's a girl to do! =)


Wow, I can't believe the sketches you were able to achieve. They look great! I, too consider myself unable to draw -- I might have to look into this book.

Deryn Mentock

Wow...incredible eyes and nose! I'm going to have to get this book...

Patti Koosed

pI don't know one person that loves to create that has a neat work area. It is impossible my friend!

Love the mail art and the collages from your trash box. Of course they are outstanding!

I just finished a paper doll for ZNE Dollz, stop by and take a look. I am pretty proud of her Sally and since you are my biggest inspiration I wanted you to see...


The drawings are beautiful! I've had such trouble drawing faces so I'm going to pick up this book. The collage is gorgeous too!


I came here to tell your how envious I am of that large piece of furniture you have in your studio. I love it... but now seeing this book,too. I've been looking towards improving my faces and here you are working on the same. I may have to check out this book. thanks.


what amazing drawings Sally - I think you need to remove the "does not draw" from your post! Truly beautiful work Sally.

Marilyn Gallas

I linked to you from The Altered Page. I'm one of the participating artists. I just had to tell you how much I like your blog. Great writing together with the visuals. And what a great job you did on the eyes and nose. I'm such a book hog for "how to's" I will have to buy this book. Thanks for the resource. Can't wait to see the mouth.

gwen Buchanan

Hi Sally, I also took part in the Pulse and I had to drop you a line to let you know how amazing I think your studio is.. so thought out... a creators dream come true!!! You have thought of everything!!!

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