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August 23, 2008


Sharon @ norah'S

I was just there and I didn't even see hardly any of this. Somebody ask me if I opened every drawer. Next time I will/want to and next time can we do a wood cigar box project?

Maija Lepore

Oh my, pack rat your are! My head would explode if I walked in there!

Deryn Mentock

Now that's a collection! Hey, where were all those beads last time I was there??


It's been fun looking through your stash. Thanks for sharing. BTW I love your banner.


Thanks for this detailed post about The Pulse. Much appreciated. And what an incredible grouping of collections you have. Just looking at those photos inspires me.

Diane Cook

what wonderfully organized collections you have Sally.....thank you, as you have actually made me feel better about my "addictions" =)
and my dh thinks i could be getting out of control (LOL). he really has no idea! good thing he loves me so much~~~

Deb Wheeler

I bow in the presence of GREATNESS!!! What an awesome collection! Eye Candy! I could look forever!! Thanks for sharing, and thanks to Deryn Mentock for the link to you in her blog!!!

Angela Barribeau

Hmmmm... well Sally, I think you have ME beat!!!! I should show your photos to my husband! I'll definitely be checking out The Altered Page site. Love the stacks of cigar boxes - aren't they WONDERFUL?


Oh Sally! I am gaaagaaaa over these pictures of your studio. I wannna come play toooooo!
*whine* :)
Thanks for sharing. Every time you show off a peek around your studio I get even more enchanted!
Blessings to you today!


oooh your studio is fantastic !!!!!

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