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August 27, 2008


Judy N

Very artful!! I LOVE it!!! I especially like how the two sides are different but balance.

Until later,



Yes, I think you could. And since I had the pleasure of seeing this beautiful piece in person, I can attest to its beauty.

Carolyn Mallin

I think both Sharon and Deryn have great taste. I love the necklace too. The little bee is so adorable.


Molly Alexander

This is just beautiful - I love your bee, and I don't think I would ever want to take it off (even if I could)! :-)

The domino gives it a very playful effect - I love it!

Have a great rest of your week -


Patti Koosed

Sally T !
I was so shocked to hear from you. I have visited your blog once in awhile and noticed that you were not doing your wonderful collages or paintings. Now I browsed through your last few posts and see all of this jewlery! Are you doing jewlery now instead of collage and paintings? You certainly have some great talent there Sally.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the wonderful comments about my son. I am so proud of him. Yes it is a miracle for sure. He leaves for CA on Saturday leacing his wife to do the packing while he is staying with dean of Westminister until he can find them a home. We are all excited.

Yes it is great to touch basis again. I have the collage you sent to me hanging in my office so I see it everyday and wonder how you are. You are becoming famous my friend!

My art is getting better more all the time, You are still one of my biggest inspirations.

God Bless You
Don't stay away so long.

Deryn Mentock

Oh, you silly thing! I don't like it...I love it! I almost left your house with it. Accidentally, of course! ;)

diane cook

Oh, I think you have a great idea.....What a beautiful piece. You should be very pleased =)


Hi Sally! that is a lovely necklace and I really like the bee. A dragonfly, yes I could see that there too. Great stuff!


Sally, when is the Arte-ed-anima calendar going to be available? I have firends trying to get their 2009 calendar ducks in a row.


Fabulous necklace.


I have answered Sarah but for anyone else who is curious about the availability of 2009 Arte-Ed-Anima calendar, it will be ready soon. You can check on the web site later as it will be posted there as soon as it is published. Meanwhile, you can go to the website and see the pictures from the calendar and the artists involved this year. I understand the calendar is at the printer now. The web site is:

Thanks for asking.


Oh, neat!
You could change the center piece depending on your mood!


Red Dog Scott

I am new to blogland but have enjoyed your work for years, Sally. Now that I've found your blog-WAHOOO! ;)Thanks for the great eye candy. I ALSO really dug your Believing/Believe God pages. Most excellent.


Oh, Sally, this gives me a buzz! Make more, make more!!

Maija Lepore

I love it!!!!

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