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April 10, 2008


Sharon at Norah'Ss

Thanks for the heads up on the joint compound. I'm gonna have me some of that!
Love your travel trunk. And I really like that you shared your supply list.

Julie Prichard

What really great pages!! And thanks for the tip on the tape..I'll check it out for sure!


I'll have to see if we have that over here, it's probably called something else here, looks like great stuff. What a fabulous art case,
love the sound of everything in it. I'd probably add a few chocolates so that I could use the wrappers.

Elizabeth Parsons

I really like your traveling journal kit! I am packing now for a trip to Atlanta and was planning on just bringing my small watercolor kit, a couple of brushes, and some paper- but now I am thinking I'll add some collage-stuff after seeing your great kit. My box is so not-elegant though! It's a plastic box from Walmart...ah well!!

Deryn Mentock

Oh...I hate to say're gonna hate me! I think I have some of this and didn't realize it!

michelle ward

Sally - happy to have you join the team. It's never too late when you're sharing with the team - we like to see anything and everything, especially when it's something we've done and had a good time with. This journal kit is very handsome, as is your artwork. Bravo to you for getting yours put together!!

Amber Dawn

Sally, that story was great!
Love the pages too!


This is wonderful! the suitcase, the journal and the collage!


Sally, looks like you have a very complete journal kit assembled there! I believe it's a good thing to have a wide variety of supplies - you never know what you will need! Thanks for sharing it! :)

Lee W.

I could have told you what it was! I use the sheet rock tape too. I found it in hubby's things and stole it- that, and the metal tape!

Kim Logan

Sally, you are funny with your tape..!!!..Love your travel journal piece, its delightful.


Thanks for sharing your "find"! I felt that excited when I discovered the Duck Silver Foil Tape. Wow, what fun that stuff is! I'll be on the look out for the Joint Tape.
Love your metal journal and the traveling art case! Metal and vintage clowns are among my favorite things. The cover is very inspiring!
Creatively Yours, Laura


Fantastic kit, stellar journal pages, and that joint tape is a great tip. Thank you!

audrey h.

Sally......isn't that tape fabulous. Because Rick is in construction I have loads of that tuff to play with and color. It is awesome. Love the journal pages you did. they are gorgeous! I love the little suitcase that you hold your kit in.

hope all is well with you and that you are having a fabulous weekend :)


I loved your story about the dry wall tape...I have purchased or stolen from my husband many a hardware item...too cool. It was really sweet of you not to keep this art secret to yourself! Now, tonight when I get home from work I will be begging my hubby to find me some drywall tape!


don't yo love that joint tape~have some of it too~such fun.

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