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February 26, 2008


Sharon at Norah'S

love them all. I knew about the book and think I will have to get it now. I want one if you've got one. Anyway, did you know he has a website too? Tells all about all of his books. I had no idea he had as many as he does.

Deryn Mentock

Oh yeah...when I got this I thought "Now why is Nick Bantock sending me an envelope??"

linda and opie's burnt offerings

isn't it a beautiful thing, when the universe gives you a present of sorts. we're new to blogland, but have jumped right in. your blog is very cool and we've added your site to our list. ~ linda & opie


Love these Bantock envelopes. Your happy accident with the printer bars adds a great element to that photo. I would never have thought to re-use those test sheets, but after seeing this, I will be holding on to them. Thanks for the inspiration.


Lovin' all your mail art, Sally!!! Sadly, my envie arrived with nothing more than a barcode strip added! Oh well. Thanks for all the collagy goodies too!

I'm also behind in MY Bantock library! The last one I bought was The Artful Dodger, although I did know that I wanted Urgent 2nd Class. There are just way too many books that I'd like to own!!!!!!!!


They are fabulous!!!


These are just fabulous! I really need to start decorating envelopes that I send out! Wonderful! Have you ever done priority mail boxes? I send out more of those so I would love to see some samples.

judy wilkenfeld

AMAZING! your envelopes are just spectacular.
Had to laugh at the book issue - so cute really.


I'm pretty sure my address would fit on that envelope ... :oP Sue xxx

Angela Barribeau

I'm just cracking up! Guess what book I JUST ORDERED ON HALF.COM THIS WEEK!!!! YES, Urgent 2nd Class!!! HA HA! That is so funny! Thought you would like to take a peek at my fatbook pages... they're done?! See my post on my blog and photos! Let me know what you think! Too late for constructive criticism... they're going in the mail at 4pm. But I did leave them white and clean, to emphasize the white and the transparency.


More fabulous mail art, I've only sent a few pieces of mail art via our post offices here in Oz, the staff look at you as if you have two heads, or they totally ignore what you've done and stamp it extra hard.

Elizabeth Parsons

I was reading your blog and saw your comments about Nick Bantock - isn't he the greatest? The link you have to the DVD IndieArts - Issue 5 - the cover art is my art - the amazing thing about it, is that Nick picked the art to go on that cover and when I was informed that he chose my art to be on the cover...well, you can imagine! I have always loved it work. I have enjoyed reading your post and love the work you are doing! all the best,
eBeth (Elizabeth Parsons)

Karen Ouellette

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I LOVE these Sally!! Wonderful!!

audrey h.

Sally...all of these are wonderful. I love your post office story...made me smile :o)

Patti Koosed

These are all wonderful. I really want to try mail art and I will. I have been in Idaho for 2 weeks due to the loss of my Mother but cannot wait to get back in here and try mail art.
Great pieces Sally!

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