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September 20, 2007



Two phrases come to mind - never take no for an answer, and if at first you don't succeed (hit the clerk over the head with the envelope!!!) lol Beautiful art as always chuck! Hugs, Sue xxx

Leslie M

Beautiful mail art! I'm glad you didn't take no for an answer. Makes you want to take the photos from Sharon in and show them to that unimaginative clerk, doesn't it?

Patti Koosed

Hurray for you Sally. This mail IS great and you CAN read it if you take a moment to locate the address. I bet the postman or women enjoy these pieces of mail also. Keep it up. I love it and I am going to follow in your footsteps......Dropping off at the mail box of course.


Your mail art is so beautiful. I always wondered about that - ie: if people ever experienced any difficulty sending it. so good on you for sending it despite that clerk. Sounds like she had a touch of envy to me!
it's really stunning!

ro bruhn

Love the turps paper, I've tried but to no avail, I couldn't make it work.

Sharon at Norah'S

Hi Sally, Well I totally missed this post. Cause I have relied on bloglines. Well forget them. I'm checking every day from now on.
I was the lucky one and yes Pattie, my mail lady loves my mail. The faceless image really had her puzzled. All of my mail folks in this little town just know I'm crazy so they just take it and go on. I'm getting bolder and bolder with name and stamp location. I do take mine in and tell them "I need you to hand cancel this" and then I tell them just where to stamp. As I said, they all know I'm a bit off in the head.

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