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June 15, 2007



What a beautiful envelope. I see your other envelope on belindas blog, what can i say : WOW!

audrey h.

You are such a sweetie....i am blushing from reading all of your kind words :o) I have your envie here by my computer since it makes me smile from all the happy colors...and that tree, i love that tree!


Oh wow Sally this is amazing! Love the little juggler. Audrey's blog is terrific, another must-visit-regularly place!

Now about a mail art swap ~ I haven't a clue how to host one (only ever done altered book round robins) but I surely would love to do a swap with you. Email me if you'd like to :D


Hi Sally. I'm new to your blog, and OH MY GOODNESS. They say small things amuse small minds, but the little juggler is too precious. And the stamps he's juggling....that can make me smile for a few DAYS. Pity he had to "drop" one :-D. Unbelievable how you came up with that idea. I'm so in love with that juggler and envelope. An ENVELOPE for goodness sake!!!

Rella (Cindy)

Hi Sally,
I just stumbled on in.....from heaven knows where.....but I love your blog and the awesome. I DO know Audrey's work and she is just darling. come on over and visit and sign up for my blogiversary gift away. The drawing is this Sunday ~ Best~ Rella


yes, beautiful envelope. it must be great to get such beautiful mail in your in box. lucky girl!

jo capper-sandon

Stunning work.

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