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April 15, 2006



What a fabulous way to celebrate Easter - deeply spiritual but also lots of fun. Hubby sure does look cheesed off - hope he's wearing some warm underwear!!! roflmao Hugs, Sue xxx

Deryn Mentock

OH MY GOSH!! I can't believe he posed for you! What a great costume Sally and what a terrific Easter celebration. It sounds like exactly the way Easter should be celebrated!


Wow Sally, that's a wonderful costume, well done for making it! You're absolutely right, your DH doesn't look mean or stern, lol! We found a lost hard hat a while back, now I have the perfect excuse to keep it, just in case I suddenly need a centurion's helmet :D


What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter! It's so nice to see a holy day (or in this case, week) being 'clawed' back and celebrated in a meaningful manner; Christmas is just waaaaaaaaaay to commercial, and even as a Christian it is at times hard to have the peace to sit down and enjoy the reason for the season! What a fantastic costume you made for Jerry - I'm not sure I'd get my hubs to dress up like that LOL!

It must have been a wonderful event for everyone to attend - well done for all tha work!

Hugs, Lolly xxx


OMG...I can't believe that you made this costume!! It's absolutely amazing!! And how much did you have to pay your husband and stand there and model it for you?? Did he know that you were going to be putting it on the internet for all to see!!?? You can let him know that he made a great Centurian!!

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